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United Not Given Up on Perisic Deal

18 Aug

There are less than two weeks to go before the summer transfer window slams shut.

Clubs, unless they can source a player not under contract, will, once the window slams shut, will have to make do with what they have, until January.

Jose Mourinho has hinted that he would like another addition to the squad, before the transfer window slams shut.

Those who have been following the transfer gossip all summer will know that the name of Ivan Perisic has featured frequently.

Now whether Perisic is actually the one more deal Jose would like to see the club complete, is open to supposition.

However, the news vehicle, the Mirror, is championing the suggestion that a deal could still be done.

Our referenced source is intimating that, although Manchester United are some £7 million short of Inter Milan`s valuation of their winger, those who conduct such matters, at Old Trafford, have not given up hope the deal can be done.

My view is that Inter don`t want to sell the player and that deal, whatever is being suggested, just isn`t destined to happen.

But then again I could be wrong!

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